abandon a treaty

виходити з міжнародної угоди

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  • Treaty of Lircay — (May 3, 1814) was a truce treaty agreed between the Royalist and the Patriot forces during the Chilean War of Independence.BackgroundDue to the exhaustion of both armies in conflict after the long 1813 campaign and the battles of El Membrillar… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Lyubutsk — was a peace treaty signed in summer of 1372 between Algirdas, Grand Duke of Lithuania, and Dmitri Donskoi, Prince of Moscow. The treaty resulted in a seven year peace period. [lt icon cite encyclopedia | editor=Jonas Zinkus, et. al | encyclopedia …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Point Elliott — The Treaty of Point Elliott of 1855, or the Point Elliott Treaty, [The treaty is entitled and listed in catalogs and archives as the Treaty of Point Elliott, 1855 .] is the lands settlement treaty between the United States government and the… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe — This article is about the abandoned 2004 proposal. For the constitutional basis of the EU, see Treaties of the European Union. Treaty establishing a Constitution for Europe Type Unratified treaty Drafted June 2004 Signed 29 October 2004 Location… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Brest-Litovsk — Not to be confused with the Treaty of Brest Litovsk (February 9, 1918), a similar treaty involving Ukraine and the Central Powers. Infobox Treaty name = Treaty of Brest Litovsk long name = image width = 300px caption = The first two pages of the… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Portsmouth — The Treaty of Portsmouth formally ended the 1904 1905 Russo Japanese War. It was signed on September 5, 1905 [ [http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=9902EFD61431E733A25754C1A9669D946497D6CF scp=6 sq=order+of+meiji st=p Text of Treaty;… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Paris (1856) — For other treaties of Paris, see Treaty of Paris. From Auguste Blanchard s copper plate engraving after Edouard Dubufe s Picture …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Reichenbach (1790) — The Treaty of Reichenbach was signed on July 27, 1790 in Reichenbach (present day Dzierżoniów) between Frederick William II of Prussia and Austria under Holy Roman Emperor Leopold II. The two countries tried to settle their differences,… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Apamea — The Treaty of Apamea of 188 BC, was peace treaty between the Roman Republic and Antiochus III (the Great), ruler of the Seleucid Empire. It took place after the Romans victories in the battle of Thermopylae (in 191 BC), in the Battle of Magnesia… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Ribe — The Treaty of Ribe ( da. Ribe brevet; de. Vertrag von Ripen) was a proclamation at Ribe made by King Christian I of Denmark to a number of German nobles enabling himself to become Count of Holstein and regain control of Denmark s lost Duchy of… …   Wikipedia

  • Treaty of Fort Jackson — The Treaty of Fort Jackson (also known as the Treaty with the Creeks, 1814) was signed on August 9, 1814 at Fort Jackson near Wetumpka, Alabama following the defeat of the Red Stick (Upper Creek) resistance by United States forces at the Battle… …   Wikipedia

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